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Twaron Angel Hair

ELTIM's TWARON® Angel Hair was  since 2008 a unique damping material for loudspeakers and other sound absorbing processes. Unlike about all other damping material, it was truly absorbing sound pressure energy, resulting in an amazingly clean and fast sound. Over the years it showed that about ANY speaker, regardles price, type or size, could be improved by use of our TWARON® Angel Hair. There was so much to write about it, that we had a special website for promoting it all these years: www.twaron-angelhair.com.

With our cooperation, Teijin Arnhem developed it in 2008 and the final product was only and exclusively produced for ELTIM (protected by a workdwide contract) in a 4-step process, completely under our control. It was NOT a Teijin (or any other companies) product, they only produce the required stapled fibres itself, that's it. Since now others use these names as well, we like to state that TWARON® Angel Hair, TWARON ® Longhair und TWARON ® Elves' Hair are tradenames of ELTIM audio BV, since 2008 already.
Worldwide we supplied it to Loudspeaker and (AMT/tweeter) driver maufacturers, distributors, dealers and endusers. Non of them complained that our statements about sound improvement were untrue, on the contrary.

And now, per september 1st 2017 we suddenly need to order hundreds of tonns/year. This huge amount is way out of the audio community league, so we decided to stop production immediatelly. We also have NO stock any more!

In the MUNDORF Angel Hair products listed below, we offer an alternative product today.

MUNDORF Angel Hair damping material, aprox. 200g
€ 56.90
MUNDORF Angel Hair damping material, 5x200g

MUNDORF Angel Hair damping material, 5x200g

Temporarily not available !!

€ 189.90