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IT Damping sheet, 500x500x1,7mm, 3,5kg/m&sup2;<br />Price per sheet
€ 115.60
IT Damping sheet, 500x500x2,1mm, 3,5kg/m131<br />Price per sheet
€ 63.00
BITUMEX damping sheet, 245x325x4,0mm, 7,2kg/m&sup2;<br />Price per sheet
€ 3.55
Cloth mat, ca. 125x80x1,5cm<br />Price per sheet

Cloth mat, ca. 125x80x1,5cm
Price per sheet

made of old cloth, . Works well in large subsystems and horns.

Price per sheet

€ 11.95
IT DAMPING 10, recycled felt mat, 10mm<br />Price per piece
€ 14.95
IT DAMPING 30, recycled felt mat, 30mm<br />Price per piece
€ 27.95
IT Wool 1000, Insulation, 1 kg loose in bag<br />Price per kg
€ 7.25
Royale 700 rubber 3560g/m&sup2; 44cm, soft rubber foam<br />Price per meter

Royale 700 rubber 3560g/m² 44cm, soft rubber foam
Price per meter

3560g/m2, 7mm thick, perfect for damping of larger cabinet panels, width 440mm.

In stock: 13,5

€ 8.95
€ 10.50