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ELTIM audio BV is specialised in distribution and sales of audio related audio parts and components.
We also develop and distribute our ELTIM high quality audio- and power supply modules.

Below we list our most sold items in an easy to use overview. Just double click on a specific logo or picture and we'll bring you to this specific group.
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ELTIM handbuilt, bespoke amplifiers and other audio equipment:
Visit our special website    www.eltimaudio.com  for some examples
ELTIM Modules & DIY kits
Preamplifier modules      VCA volume controls

Buffer in/out circuits             Analog (A/B) Power  
    with RCA/XLR conversion       amplifier Modules          
Power amplifier                       Universal  
      Power Supply modules           Power Supply modules
Exclusive MODU dealer

Dissipante                       Mini Dissipante
     Slimline                               Pesante      
     Galaxy                             Economica
Exclusive Benelux dealer of:      Audio Technology      and           Voxativ              

Davis                     Dayton Audio                         Eton                     Fountek
  Gradient                     Morel                       P-Audio                         Mundorf
SB Acoustics                           Seas                                 Wavecor
We also distribute and supply crossover components of:


EU distributor of
Puresonic high quality audio connectors
KAcsa value for money connectors and cable
Grammophone cartridges, replacement styli, parts & accessoiries
And a lot more, see the menu and catalogus index at the left side.   Mobile?   Use
Probably we can also supply other brands / types. We can also help to find  "difficult" components.

An automated discount of 3% is given from € 300,00 up !