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ELTIM products catalog

ELTIM Catalog       updated 16 nov 2017

Below you'll find all the info bulletins we made so far.

ELTIM Power Amplifier designs:
CS-modules (Current Stages)
CS-40                L-mounted, aprox. 150W
CS-80                Stack mounted, aprox 150W
CS-120                Stack mounted, aprox 200W
CS-165                Stack mounted, aprox 300W

VS-modules (Voltage Stages)

Complete Power Amplifers modules
PA-4983        2x2W/8ohms class A amplifier

ELTIM Power Amp addition designs:
CD-modules  (Hexfet add-on pairs)

Input/Output modules
IO-120                Input/output connectors add-on board mounted left or right of CS-120
IO-165                Input/output connectors add-on board mounted left or right of CS-165

Protection/control modules

ELTIM Preamplifier designs:
Preamplifier main boards
MM/MC                Prepreamplifier for MM/MI/MC cartridges

Voltage Controlled Amplifier / buffer

Buffer modules
LinLout-134x        Line input buffer circuit > line out
LinBout-1646        Line input buffer circuit > balanced out
LinBout-2134        Line input buffer circuit > balanced out
LoutBin120x        Line output buffer circuit < line in

ELTIM Power Supply designs:
PS-modules (Power Supplies)

VR-modules (Voltage regulators)

Models in red are tested and in stock already.

Alignment Procedures

Dealers of these kits and built modules are most welcome.  Also OEM   MAIL