Since January 2021, we distribute the Polish TOROIDY transformers, producing the most fantastic toroidal transformers, standard, shielded or even shielded/potted in fancy polished steel in a range 30 - 2000VA. Due to the fact that they hold no (large) stock, the price is very interesting, even though it is an EU-based company with its own high-quality testing and production facilities. Every order is processed seperately and so has to be planned into production. This takes around 3 weeks and a week travel to us. Some see this as a disadvantage, most customers welcome the significant lower price and the opportunity to receive exactly the transformer they want, since TOROIDY can supply them in the range of 10 - 230Vac secundary, mostly in 1 Volt steps (we only list standard values) and as a single or double secundary windings type. Primary is always a single 230Vac winding. If you want, they even add extra secundary windings for you. Ask for the price of a special version (non standard voltage and/or extra winding(s)) per mail.  
TOROIDY also produces special toroidal power- and output transformers for tube based circuits, also ask for a price for your tube project.

-Built like other
brands transformers
-2x Neoprene dishes
- Steel top dish.
-Primary/Secundary shielded
-Encapsulated with tight,
black Mylar Tape
-Epoxy resin filled core (M5/6)
-Neoprene dish.
-Primary/Secundary shielded
- Completely encapsulated
-Polished steel enclosure
-Optional chassisplate (picture)