NEW: MUNDORF  MREU30 Precision Foil resistor 3W-30W (MResist ULTRA)

Due to the foil technique, this resistor is totally free from inductive residues. Further details which guarantee that MResist ULTRA resistors are not noticeable anymore. A tolerance of only 1% is remarkable. Max. load is 3W while mounted without a cooling surface, 30W with the recommended heatsink.

Nominal load:                     3 Watt without cooler
                                        < 30 Watt with heatsink
Resistor range:                   0,01 Ohm - 47 Ohm
Dimensions:                      21,3x15,6x4,65mm
Construction:                     TO-247
Hole diameter:                   3,2mm
Legs lenght:                      14,8mm
Pitch:                                10 mm
Wire material:                     tinned copper wire
Heat transfer optimised by a copperlayer
Self induction:                    0 µH
Tolerance:                         < ±1 %
Max. voltage:                     500 Vac
Temperature coefficient:     ±30ppm/K
Max.temperature:              130°C