NEW: MUNDORF MREC10  High-End wire wound resistor 10W
The Mundorf MResist Serie now also offers MResist SUPREME as a CLASSIC version with 10W rating. This wirewound resistor is based on a ceramic former where a copper-Nickel wire alloy is wound. Very low temperature coefficient.

Max. load:                    10 Watt
Resistor values:             0,1 Ohm - 22 Ohm
Wire alloy:                    Copper - Nickel
Dimensions:                  Ø 8x45mm
Wire Length:                 38mm
Wire type:                     Tinned copper
Inductivity:                     <  ??µH
Tolerance:                      ±2 %
Max. operating voltage:   1000 Vac
Temperature coefficient:  ±50ppm/K
Max.Temperature:           275°C