Our brands

We are manufacturer / supplier of the following products:

Developing, production and distributing of our own Amplifier kits and modules.

We also build bespoke ELTIM amplifiers on your specifications. Check www.eltimaudio.com  !

We are Europe distributor of the following products:

PURESONIC audio connectors
-   RCA / Cinch
-   XLR
-   Bananas
-   Forks
ELTIM audio BV is EU distributor since 2012. For details check our website www.puresonic.nl

We are Benelux distributor of the following products:

-   High-end crossover parts
-   Power supply capacitors
-   Silver/gold cables & wires
-   AMT tweeters
Mundorf (Germany) is known for years for f.e. their ZOC-coils and MCap capacitors. You'll find them in many quality speakers.
Over the years they also developed f.e. the nice Supreme and EVO capacitors.
In a former company we introduced them in the Netherlands in 1992 already and are distributor since then.
Note that Mundorf prices changed per May 1st 2020, no new catalog available yet.  OLD Catalog 2018

-     High-End crossover parts
-     Damping material,
-     Ports, feet, spikes, etc.
Intertechnik (Germany) is the oldest company in Europe producing quality components for loudspeaker crossovers.
Their products are found in many quality speaker systems. We represent them since 2017.
Intertechnik can be named as one of the first "motors" for the DIY market.
Before the Internet era, their thick paper catalog is remembered by many older DIY'ers as "the audio bible".

VH Audio Capacitors.
The best available?!

VH AUDIO capacitors are top of range capacitors, hand made in the USA. We represent them since 2013.

Audio Technology  bespoke drive units
-   C-Quence series
-   Flex Units (Custom made)

Audio Technology is a small, Denmark based founder of high-end drive units.
Quite unique is that your drive unit will be hand made, according to the specs you supply.
The founders of Audio Technology, Dynaudio and Morel were the inventers of the large Hexatech aluminium coils
in early 70's.   So, NONE of these companies is copying each other ! We started to work with them in 2014.

-    Full Range drive units
-    Amplifier products
-    Speaker systems

VOXATIV (Berlin) is a multi award winning brand. We are their only sales contact in the Netherlands for all their products.
Since it are exclusive and handmade products we only sell on preorder basis. Showroom is in Berlin ONLY !

KACSA audio, high value for money
-   Interlink and Speaker cable
-   Audio connectors
-   Wide range of ready cables
Kacsa is a company distributing brandless quality connectors. Their cables are fine products as well. All for a fair price.

MODU  electronics cabinets
MODU produces a wide range of universal high quality enclosures. Build your electronics in these nice cabinets as we do.

We sell drive units and other products of the following brands:

Accuton Drive units
Audio Technology
Drive units
DAVIS Drive units
Drive units

ETON Drive units
GRADIENT Drive units
MOREL:Drive units
Drive units

SCANSPEAK Drive units
SEAS Drive units
VOXATIV Full Range
drive units
WAVECOR Drive units
DAS Audio  
prof. audio equipment

MONACOR Driveunits
and accessoiries

VISATON Drive units
crossover pats and acc.
IMG stage products

We also sell a lot of other product, like:
WBT connectors
ALPS potmeters&Switches
AHP high grade fuses
TALEMA transformers

Mundorf PS capacitors

PANASONIC PS capacitors

EPCOS PS capacitors
NICHICON PS capacitors


THAT High perfomance IC's

EXICON. Mosfets
Thermo Lamina floor heating foil.


GOLDRING cartridges
NAGAOKA cartridges,
accesoiries, etc.
ORTOFON cartridges
and many more, in total of around 15.000 audio related quality articles.