AIR core wire coils, baked

MUNDORF BL/VL-series, baked varnish/vacuum impregnated air cored coils

MCoil Air Coils BL-type are made from massive OFC copper wire, specially developed for high quality loudspeakers, which focus on achieving an utmost natural, detailed and acoustically balanced music performance. The acoustical properties of the L series are significantly enhanced by applying a so called "baked wire treatment" on air coils up to Ø1,8mm. Larger coils are treated with a vacuum impregnation process and are labelled as VL-types. Due to either process the wire sticks together in a massive, microphonic free coil.
MCoil Hepta Strand coils (LL-type) are also treated with the baking process and unite the tonal clarity, beauty and distortion-free performance of air core coils with the stereophonic spaciousness of tightly-wound coils, alongside the harmonious-warmth and splendid brightness of stranded copper wire. They are therefore the first choice for high quality high and mid frequency applications which focus on a finely detailed, utmost refined musical fidelity performed within a truly holographic life-like staging.

NEW 2018:          -  VL200 is replaced by BL180 series
               -  VL250 is replaced by VL236 series
               -  LL60 Heptastrand coils are replaced by finer LL45 series

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