AIR core foil coils

MUNDORF CFC-series, Air cored foil coils, 17-28-44-70mm

MCoil CFC foil coils are wound layer by layer and are of particularly low-capacitive, even though their similarity to our foil wound capacitors would suggest otherwise. Their unique performance quality unites the tonal virtues of OFC Copper foil with the clarity and precision generally typical for all air core coils, alongside the authenticity of a tightly cemented reel which is practically microphonic-free. For High-End mid and high frequency applications, they are particularly distinguished by their 3D-like staging, their harmoniously dynamic vitality and detailed performance. If you want truly distortion-free but multifaceted and all-musical beauty, you may consider copper foil coils as first choice for your bass coils.
MCoil SFC silverfoil coils have been developed for uncompromising state-of-the-art audio applications focused on absolutely flawless and a holographic 3D-like performance at utmost dynamics providing a considerably increased range of vivid, subtle timbres and precision. Their acoustic features unite the typical tonal beauty and authenticity of air core coils with the three-dimensional staging of a tightly cemented, microphonic-free reel alongside the outstanding tonal properties of silver foil in terms of multi-faceted and truly `life-like´ performance of voices and instruments.
However, the exceptional tonal quality of the SFC- series can be further enhanced by adding 1% of the purest gold making it the SGFC-series then.

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