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THAT340P14, Low Noise Transistor Array, matched, DIP14

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Article codeTHAT340P14

2  PNP / 2 NPN matched Transistors on a single, large geometry substrate

  • PNP typical hfe of 75
  • NPN typical hfe of 100
Low Voltage Noise
  • 0.75 nV/ √Hz (PNP)
  • 0.8 nV/ √Hz (NPN)
High Speed
  • fT = 325 MHz (PNP)
  • fT = 350 MHz (NPN)
Parameter matching
  • 500 μV matching between devices

  • Dielectrically Isolated from each other for low crosstalk
  • High DC isolation to the grounded substrate

Voltage rate
  • 36V Vce

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THAT 300, 320 and 340 are large geometry, 4-transistor, monolithic NPN and/or PNP arrays. They exhibit both high speed and low noise, with excellent parameter matching between transistors of the same gender.

Typical base-spreading resistance is 25 Ω for the PNP devices (30 Ω for the low-gain NPNs), so their resulting voltage noise is under 1 nV/√Hz. This makes the 300 series ideally suited for low-noise amplifier input stages, log amplifiers, and many other applications.

The four-NPN transistor array is available in versions selected for Hfe with minimums of 150 (300A) or 300 (300B).

Fabricated in a dielectrically isolated, complementary bipolar process, each transistor is electrically insulated from the others by a layer of insulating oxide (not the reverse-biased PN junctions used in conventional arrays). As a result, they exhibit inter-device crosstalk and DC isolation similar to that of discrete transistors. The resulting low collector-to-substrate capacitance produces a typical NPN fT of 350 MHz (325 MHz for the PNPs).

Substrate biasing is not required for normal operation, though the substrate should be ac-grounded to optimize speed and minimize crosstalk.