ELTIM Power Amplifiers

If you are interested in our own ELTIM  products, best is to check the "headlined"
info we loaded on our specific ELTIM products catalogue pages first.
With every product listed there, you can click furter to the detailed information of that product.

As developer and producer of our ELTIM amplifier modules, we are also
able to build your exclusive, bespoke (pre)amplifier, exactly the way you want it.
Send us a mail what you have in mind. This doesn't have to be a standard one; we most
probably can build an amplifier in/for your special cabinets or projects, just as
we are able to build you a special LINEAR Power Supply for your needs.
After some emails vice versa, we did manage to build quite a few bespoke amplifiers by now.
For our ready built, bespoke amplifier products we made a special homepage:

On this website you also will find some examples with prices of some bespoke amps.
More models will follow in a later stadium. In the meantime:
Just list us your demands and we will repond with an offer.
       Our first custom made A-3300 HRQ with                                       MB-230 HQ    with
                    CS-80 HRQ, VS-20L, VR-3, PS-80 RQ                                 CS-40ps MB CB, CD-40 MB HQ,
                                   and IO-80 BAL modules                                 VS-20, VR3/30 and balanced buffer in
                 Aprox. 2x 150Wrms/8ohms                                                  Aprox. 150Wrms/8ohms
             Power supply modified with V-Caps.                                     We built these for an OEM.
Our DEMO amplifier  

We made a YouTube video with a listening demo at MC-Systems where the MP 3.1 is driven
by our demo amplifier based on VS-20 / CS-40ps LEX16. Compare it with similar video's.

Customer and listener reactions are listed under: "ELTIM Amps reactions"
There are many nice ones more, but we list the nicest ones. There are NO negative ones.
In this Class-D era we live in today it might be interesting to read the article (in Dutch), where
one of our most basic (DIY-built) amplifiers is compared to
"the" Hypex NCore, used in factory built monoblocks.

The name ELTIM comes from our founder and developer Louis Timmers