VOXATIV T805, integrated tube amplifier, single ended cl. A

VOXATIV T805, integrated tube amplifier, single ended cl. A
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The prettiest way to drive your lower efficiency speakers.
30 watts of single ended 805 tube sound.

The Voxativ 805-based SET amplifier is a new 120 lbs. (55 kg) beauty. It is inbuilt in a one-piece housing that is milled out of a 150 lbs (63kg) aluminium block. The outside surface is anodized, not painted.
The internal circuit is DC coupled. No interstage choke - this means a new genius circuit to transfer your music to the power tubes. A channel separated power supply is implemented. The KT66 driver stage works in triode mode driven by the ECC83 input stage. And, of course: All is single ended, pure class A. All coupling capacitors by Mundorf.
We use special designed Voxativ transformers only. These transformers are musical instruments - like our drivers. And this is what you get.

The Voxativ T805 SET amplifier: Excellent sound for all Voxativ and other, lower efficiency speakers.
This amplifier is equipped with a preamp-out stage to drive the Voxativ PI-Bass woofer units direct and without any loss.

This amplifier is handmade by the team of Voxativ in Fulda/Germany.

Technical data
Frequency Response:                20 - 20.000 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio:                97 dB
Distortion:                        2 %
Tubes:                                2 x 805 - Selected Psvane Tubes with gold plated connectors
                               2 x KT66 - Gold Dragon driver Tubes
                               2 x ECC83 - input Tubes
Input Sensitivity:                        180 mV
Input:                                3 x line
Output:                                8/16 Ohm speakers
                               Volume controlled preamp-out
Power Handling:                        2 x 30 W
Power Consumption:                340 W
Colour:                                black
Dimensions (W x H x D):        17 x 10 x 19" (43 x 25 x 47 cm)
Weight:                                120 lbs (55 kg)


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