ELTIM Protection modules

Protection/control modules

(in development)

This module controls and monitors about everything possible in a Power amplifier.
It constantly checks max. 8 Mosfets (4 pairs) all the time for overload or broken.
It compares input and output signal for differences in shape
It measures heatsink- as well as the amps interior temperature

LED indications for: overload, overtemp and distortion.
A main warning LED shows a mix of the three above.

We have to test it on all amp types, etc. etc. costing time.

A PR-10 can be mounted at all times without significant modifications
directly on CS-40(ps) modules (fuse holders removed) or on the
PS-80/120/165 power supplies for CS-80, CS-120 and CS-165
where you only need to cut two thick jumper bridges.