ELTIM distributed products

ELTIM audio BV, established in 2001, is official distributor of several brands:

Since 1993 (first as another company) we distribute MUNDORF products

Since 2009 we distribute the value for money connectors and cables of KACSA

Since 2013 we are EU distributor for PURESONIC connectors and cable
We made a special catalogue website for these products

Since 2014 we develop and distribute our own amplifier and power supply products

Since 2017 we also distribute all INTERTECHNIK products

For businesses we have the usual discounts available.  Contact us.

ELTIM audio BV warehouse,logistics, timber- and electronics shops and offices
Eenrummerweg 5, NL-9961 PC  Mensingeweer, the Netherlands.
Phone: +31 595 491748            VAT #:  NL823515394B01