ELTIM Power supply connection modules

It appears that some DIYers prefer to use another symmetrical power sypply over one of ours. OK, fine, but unfortunatelly some forgot to use all required pins (3A each) and only hooked up 2 instead of the 12 we use for every supply connection. For some others it won't be a surprise that while only using a few or even forget to connect some crucial connections, our amps won't perform as meant to.

In order to make it more easy for those, we made a simple PS-0 module where all required connections (24 pins for supply, 20 pins for ground) are made and a symmerical power supply can be connected via a 3-pole screw connector.

Please do yourself and us a favour and don't use an SMPS, especially no cheap one. Topathletes don't eat junkfood either since this won't work.