ELTIM High-End Power Amplifier modules

In the section below we present our amplifier designs in assembled, tested and pretuned state. You just need to mount the module on a cooling surface having sufficient capacity of venting the produced heat in your purpose.
NOTE that only a combination of a VS-xx and a CS-xx module form a working power amplifier. We read that some believe a VS-xx is a preamplifier module, which is not the case. It only transforms the fine input signal into signals capable of driving the Current Stage module, leading high speaker currents. We believe this seperation is one of our ideas making our amplifiers so clean as noted by many people already. More info.....

In january 2021 we tested our first built CS-150 module, fed by a VS-20 input module and assisted by a pair of CD-75 Mosfet add-on modules.

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