ELTIM CS-80 Current Stage modules

This CS-80 range is the smallest "stack-mounted" series we have. Due to the direct mounting to a heatsink the heat transfer is optimal.  We use shortest possible, yet wide tracks, solid modular pack, etc.
For a working construction, one of our VR-input modules has to be attached, as shown in the picture. You have to buy it seperately!
A PS-80 Power Supply module fits exactly on top of it. On this PS-80 you could decide to mount a Voltage Regulator Module AND/OR a Protection Module.
You could also mount an IO-80 module at the side of it, available with line- and balanced inputs. You can connect the banana terminals and input connector with short wires then, nice and clean.
If the available power is not enough, you could decide to connect a pair of CD-80 modules, providing an extra pair of Power Fets. All transistors are at the back, providing flat mounting to a cooling surface.
From january 2019 on we supply our modules without supply capacitors. Optional we can mount some for you.