ELTIM CS-75 Current Stage modules

NEW  January 2021

Our CS-75 Current Stage module is the smallest of this new range and has one pair of EXICON power Mosfets, available in 8A/200V (up to 150Wrms) or 16A/200V (up to 250Wrms) versions. In cooperation with any VS-xx input stage module it acts as a power amplifier. It is "sandwich" mounted to a heatsink like most of our CS-modules. This module is based on a double sided, 2x70um copper PCB of professional EU quality with shortest and widest possible tracks, where about all copper is used. It matches the size of commonly available 75x200mm heatsink. The mounting holes exactly match the slides in MODY Slimline/Galaxy 80mm high cabinets and (Mini) Dissipante types in height of 80mm. We use expensive CADDOCK MP725 1% induction free resistors, resulting in a frequency range up to 600kHz and about no phase shift (perfect staging) in the audible band. For more cost effective purposes we could mount BOURNS PWR163 instead, Due to the direct mounting to a heatsink the heat transfer is optimal and there are no microphonic effects noticeable.

Extra fitting modules:
  • One of our VS-Voltage Stage modules (required!)
  • CD-75 Mosfet add-on modules
  • PS-80 Power Supply module fits exactly on top of it.
  • PS-2  Regular constructed, L-mounded Power Supply fits
  • On a PS-80 you could decide to mount a VS-Voltage Regulator Module
  • On a PS-80 you also/or could mount a Protection Module (in development)
  • On a PS-2 you could mount a VR- or a PR-module.
  • IO-75 input/output module, available with line or balanced inputs.
All connected without a centimetre of wire.