ELTIM CS-40ps Current Stage/Power supply Modules

The CS-40ps series look like most of the regular amplifier modules in the market, except for the on-board power supply. They are very easy to use and so a perfect project for beginning DIY enthousiast who want to build their own high-quality or even reference amplifier.  In our DEMO amplifier are two CS-40ps HQ's modules mounted. This amp is compared with the "famous"HYPEX NCore in monoblock configuration (in Dutch).
For a working construction, one of our VR-input modules has to be attached, as shown in the picture. You have to buy it seperately!
With the on board power supply wiring is most easy; just connect a transformer and in/out connectors. Heatsink, transformer and connectors need to be bought seperately!
A near "full-house" combination:
CS-40ps HQ Current Stage board and a VS-20L Voltage Stage board.
As extra we mounted a VR-3/30 Voltage Regulator board (optional)