ELTIM CS-40 Current Stage modules

This CS-40 series looks most like the regular amplifier modules in the market. It is very easy to use and so a perfect project for beginning DIY enthousiast who want to build their own high-quality amplifier. You just need to connect a power supply and in/out connectors and mount a VS-module of your choise. For a working construction, one of our VR-input modules has to be attached. You have to buy it seperately!
Mounting multiple pairs of Power Fets is most easy to do with our range of Add-on modules. The dissipation factor of the cabinet used and the available grid power will be the limiting factors. >2000W/4 ohms perhaps ? ?....

Datasheet CS-40 series         Power enhancement modules:  CD-40 GDS/GSD80         CD-40 GDS/GSD100