ELTIM High-End Power Amplifier modular system

ELTIM power amplifiers are built like LEGO; we split up a complete power amplifier is several modules and you can decide which ones you want to use and even decide what quality parts we put on for you. So you get a true bespoke modular amplifier module system.
You just have to connect the modules and make it as impressive (in sound and looks) as you want. There is no wiring between the modules required.
Just after our CS-150 Current Stage module was ready we played with our new toy and made a video of it. We found out that with 3+1 pair of 8A mosfets it ranges up to 500kHz (-3dB), a Slew rate of >65V/us and all harmonics <<-60dB.
We are not cheap due to the fact that we made all as good and longlasting as possible instead of as cheap and small as possible. All is also made in the EU where possible.  All documents of our modules are to be found here.
We only use brand new and original parts, purchased from most recommended distributors and manufacturers only.

Select the modules of your choice below: