ELTIM audio BV

ELTIM PA-4766, 2x 50W Power Amplifier modules

Several times now we are asked to develop an ELTIM way built amplifier module based on the very nice performing / cost effective LM4766 IC from Texas Instruments. More and more experience that the cheap crap one can find all over the internet have way to small tracks, poor parts, etc. resulting in a disapointing sound quality and a short life cycle. So, as you can read below, we finally did. Now you can build a cost effective, quality and long lasting amplifier yourself. We made it a double sided, 2x35um layer, EU manufactured board, assisted quality components. This means that now the IC (original TI, with metal back plate) can be used at full, resulting in a max. output of 2x 50W. In bridged mode they can do 120Wrms @8ohms only.

These modules are a nice starter project and/or for those who need only medium (2x 50W/8ohms) power with stereo modules. A perfect match for smartphone users as well. It is also very easy to build multichannel systems with these modules by a clever sandwich construction, vertical mounted to a large heatsink.

PA-4766 info bulletin         With every article you can find a short, single paged datasheet.