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WAVECOR SW178WA01, 16cm bass, aluminium cone

Price per piece 35-400Hz, 100Wrms, R=8Ω, Spl=85dB, Fs=36Hz, VAS=13,6, Qts=0,34, Ø178mm

WAVECOR SW178WA01, 16cm bass, aluminium cone
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  • 16 cm bass driver
  • Aluminium cone

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SW178WA01 is a woofer designed for dedicated subwoofer applications. It works equally well for high-end hi-fi, high quality home theater systems, and top multimedia setups. The extremely stiff aluminium cone, the long linear throw, exaggerated ventilation, and the special dynamic linearization short circuiting ring together makes up for an unusually linear and low-distortion woofer. Even at very high signal levels, the unit behaves controlled and without distortion. Due to very low mechanical losses SW178WA01 masters equally well low level details and dynamic requirements.