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P-AUDIO PH-220, 1" horn, square

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P-AUDIO PH-220, 1" horn, square
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The P Audio PH-220 is a fully rotatable, medium format high frequency horn. Because the horn mouth is square, the horn may be rotated to optimize coverage based on the acoustic environment. The radiation pattern is a nominal 90 degree by 75 degree. The square horn mouth allows the pattern to be either a 90 degree horizontal by 75 degree vertical coverage pattern or a 75 degree horizontal by 90 degree vertical pattern. The mouth area is large enough to provide excellent acoustic loading to below 1000Hz. The PH-220 features a 1 inch (25.4mm) throat diameter. The mounting configuration is bolt on style and is compatible with many of the P Audio PreNeo and BMD series professional compression drivers. The horn mouth dimensions allow the PH-220 to be used in a wide variety of professional applications such as two way and three way high level sound reinforcement systems as well as near field reinforcement designs. The PH-220 is also ideal for stage monitoring applications. The PH-220 is a rugged die cast aluminum design and is coated in a non reflective black paint. Because the horn utilizes an industry standard 1 inch bolt on connection for the compression driver, the PH-220 may be used with a wide variety of competitive compression drivers as well. Good acoustic loading allow the horn to be used down to 1200Hz. The PH-220 may be used with the following P.audio professional compression drivers. (or any industry standard compatible driver ) - BM-D440 - BM-D450 - PreNeo-450N - PA-DE34