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P-AUDIO PH-180, 1" horn, rectangular

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P-AUDIO PH-180, 1" horn, rectangular
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The PH-180 is a short throw, axis asymmetric horn design. The horn features a nominal 100 degree horizontal by 60 degree vertical radiation pattern and is ideal for applications where asymmetric acoustic radiation is specified. The medium format 1.0 inch (25.4mm) throat design is ideal for high sound pressure levels and low distortion through the mid band frequency range. The 1.0 inch diameter screw on throat design is a common diameter for many compression drivers. The PH-180 offers a square mouth design that allows for horn rotation within an enclosure. The horn mouth width is ideal for use with 8 inch and larger loudspeakers in professional level two way system designs. The horn is compatible with many competitive compression driver designs because of its industry standard throat diameter. The PH-180 is constructed from high impact ABS with additional glass fillers for superior structural support and rigidity. The PH-180 may be used with the following P.audio professional compression drivers. ( or any industry standard compatible driver ) - BM-D340S - BM-D440S - BM-D450S - PreNeo-340S