TEKRAM VU-meter range extender module, stereo, -50 / +3 dB

Extends length from -20 to -50dB. Dual channel board.

TEKRAM VU-meter range extender module, stereo, -50 / +3 dB
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Normally a analog VU-meter reading is from -20 to +3dB. Basic cause of this is the minimum
rectified voltage available. Best is to rectify with old school germanium diodes, having "only"
about 0,3V voltage drop. The meter will only become signals exceeding this 300mV, which mostly
represents about this -20dB level.

This board extends a regular scale to a way wider scale, up to -50dB. This is done by a log/Lin converter,
resulting in a "boost" of the smaller signal. All meters we present have this -50dB LOG/LIN scaling.
This 2-channel board is also feeding the background lightning of two VU-meters and works on a
AC or DC 12V supply.


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