INTERTECHNIK Trafocore coils FE130

INTERTECHNIK Transformer core FE130
These Transformer-core inductors are impregnated in Polyurethane resin as a protection against corrosion as well as to attenuate vibration of the coil-windings. They offer high power handling, very low dc resistance as well as the most favourable saturation characteristics.

- Conductor: 99.99% Oxygen-free Copper.
- Round enamelled wire.
- Insulation: Type V Enamel.
- Bobbin material: ABS (Plastic)
- Dimensional stability: 85°C.
- Inductance values tested at 1KHz / 25°C
- Inductance tolerance: +/- 3%.
- Connecting leads: 150mm
- Core type: High quality E type grain oriented silicon iron laminations.