MUNDORF SUP.SO, MKP capacitor, SUPREME winding technology, silver, oil impregnated
For the very first time the MCap® SUPREME Classic Silver.Oil successfully combined the advantages of metalized PP-film capacitors with the benefits of oil impregnated capacitors and the multi-faceted detail of silver conductors in 2002. Silver of the highest purity (typically 99.99%) is first metallised with the thickest possible layer, then wound precisely into distinguished SUPREME winding geometry, then equipped with tin-plated copper wires and finally potted by hand into aluminium cans.

- Dielectric: Polyprophylene
- Metallisation: silver
- Dielectric strengtht: 1.000 VDC
- Loss factor: tan ∂ = 0.0002 bei 1kHz
- Loss factor: tan ∂ = 0.0001 bei 10kHz
- Permissible ambient temperature 70°C/158°F

- Supreme winding technology
- Oil impregnated