MUNDORF ECAP63, Electrolytic capacitors, bipolar, raw foil, 63V
Aluminium electrolytic capacitors are used in applications for which film capacitors are not suitable for reasons of space and/or cost. Polarised electrolytic capacitors which have the most compact design and are therefore used for very high capacities (e.g. for the voltage supply of amplifiers) cannot transfer any audio signal because audio signals are AC signals. Bipolar electrolytic capacitors such as the ECap AC series have a second aluminium foil providing AC voltage resistance and thus making them suitable for music signals.
The bipolar electrolytic capacitors of the ECap AC Audio Coupling & Signal Cap RAW series have foils with surfaces which are roughened by a special etching process, enlarging the surface. As the capacity of capacitors is  proportional to their surface, this process provides the smallest and cheapest Mundorf audio capacitors. However, this process also weakens the sound quality comparing to non-etched versions. This ECAP63 runs up to 63Vdc/23Vac, using raw foils.

- Capacity range: 150μF to 680μF
- Foil type: raw aluminium foil
- Electric strength: 23Vac / 63Vdc
- Temperature range: -40°C/ -40°F to 85°C/+185°F
- Service life: [UR · R~] 3000 hours at +85°C/+185°F
- Loss angle: tan ∂ = 0.050@1kHz