INTERTECHNIK Audyn Zinnfolie

High quality axial tin-foil/polypropylene capacitors recommended for active audio circuits.
The KPSN 630Vdc range of capacitors is highly suitable for valve amplifiers. KPSN 250Vdc & 100Vdc are also the ideal choice of capacitor for series connection to tweeters in crossover circuits. Perfection has zero tolerance, in series 2%.

Perfect, high quality capacitor for active audio circuits and channel amplifiers.

- Foil capacitor Audyn / KPSN
- Capacitor with tinfoil
- Wires:tinned copper
- Range: from 1,0 µF to 6,8 µF
- Voltages: 160 V / 250 V / 630 V
- C-Tolerance: ± 2%/5%