Oktober 2016 is ELTIM's 15th anniversary.
To celebrate this, we send without shipping charge in the last 15 days of Oktober
(just for NL, BE, LU, DE customers).

Amplifier Modules & Kits
TWARON ® Angel Hair

* The original quality, since 2008 *
New class-A amplifier modules:
High quality connectors
ELTIM Single- and symmetrical
Power Supply modules:
In development:
ELTIM Preamplifier electronics
with VCA volume control

Cost effective quality
connectors and cable

ELTIM hand built amplifiers:
Electronics enclosures:
We provide a wide variety  
crossover components of:
Superior full range drivers,
handmade in Berlin, Germany


Grammophone Cartridges
Several brands and price ranges.
Replacement Styli
and accessoires
many types, even old ones!
And many more,
check the overview
at the left side.
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